Your right to appeal

If your application for a pension benefit under the AFTRA Retirement Fund is denied, you will be notified of this decision in writing, typically within 90 days (you will be notified in writing if the AFTRA Retirement Fund  requires additional time due to special circumstances).  If you believe the AFTRA Retirement Fund's decision regarding your application for retirement benefits is incorrect, you have the right to appeal the determination to the Board of Trustees' Appeals Committee. Appeals must be made in writing and submitted to:

The AFTRA Retirement Fund

PO Box 1806
Murray Hill Station
New York, NY 10156-1806

Note that you also have the right to request, receive free of charge and review documents and other information relevant to your claim for pension benefits under the AFTRA Retirement Fund.

For additional information about the appeals process under the AFTRA Retirement Fund, refer to the 2013 Retirement Plan Summary Plan Description and modifying Benefits Updates, or call Participant Services at (800) 562-4690.

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